Family Bios: May 21, 2016

Flag_of_Iran.svgThis brother and sister pair are from Teheran, Iran and have been in Phoenix four months.  At home, the sister was in school completing university and the brother worked as a notary.  They have an older brother who has been in Arizona for years.  Both speak English well and have already found jobs a major grocery chain in the deli and Starbucks departments.  What they love most about the US is how easy it is to find a job, and the many opportunities they have to create a successful life.  They also appreciate the respect for differences shown in America whether it be religious views, ethnic/cultural differences or simply different ways of looking at the world.  Their goal is to become independent and successful.  She likes movies especially romance and comedy and getting outside to walk and experience nature.  He plays the guitar – or at least is teaching himself to via you-tube videos.  Both are athletic – she loves swimming and he is into boxing.


Flag_of_Ethiopia.svgFour men from Ethiopia in their twenties and thirties were thrown together by fate in an apartment complex in the US.  None of them knew each other beforehand and after a couple of months they have become fast friends.  The younger two men had been in school, one worked in a supermarket.  They are studying English and will then look for jobs in the US.  The love the freedom of speech we enjoy here and believe in the great opportunities we have to create the lives we each want for ourselves.  Their primary goal is to get jobs quickly so they can support themselves and become more independent.  They love to watch and play soccer, with Germany a particularly favorite team.



flag_Kenya2This young man joins us in Phoenix from the islands off Nairobi, arriving just last week in the US.  He is one of the roommates in this home. He is cheerful, funny, optimistic and speaks excellent English.  He is already looking for a job, ideally in the IT space.  In Nairobi he sold biscuits and water as a street vendor and also worked to provide internet services.  He would love to have his family join him here some day.  His parents are still in Somalia and he has a brother who was moved to the UK as part of a refugee relocation program.  He loves both playing and watching soccer.  He is excited to find a way to learn to swim, play basketball and become more fit by joining a gym.  What he most loves about the US is that he has the opportunity to learn and build a future for himself.

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