Family Bios: May 5, 2018 (Morning)

We will meet a family who were originally from Burundi but actually met and married in a refugee camp in Tanzania.  The wife fled with her family to Tanzania when she was 10 years old, and she lived in a camp from 1993 to 2005.  The  have five children, two sons ages 11 and 4, and three daughters, ages 10, 9, and four months.  The father, age  37, and his wife, age 31, said they were able to come to the States in 2007 because  they were granted a visa by the American government.  They originally settled in Arizona where the wife worked as a housekeeper but the husband had difficulty finding consistent  employment so they moved to South Dakota. They came back to the Phoenix area where the husband is now employed by Papa John’s, and the wife hopes to return soon to her previous job with JBS packaging beef. The children enjoy school, and the family is pleased to be in the United States.  They have no relatives here, and the wife’s parents were not able to remain in Tanzania and are currently living back in Burundi.  The mother’s dream is for her children to all finish high school and attend college.

We’ll also meet a single mother, age 35, with two sons, ages 12 and 2, and a daughter, age 11.  She is from the Democratic Republic of Congo and fled the fighting and war in her country in 1996 with her family when she was a child.  They settled in a refugee camp in Tanzania where she later met and married her the father of her children who remains in camp.  She was working as a produce worker recently and is focused on the importance of finding new work as soon as possible so that she can better support her family.  The children are doing well in school, and she is pleased that they will have opportunities here for further education.


And we’ll meet a family from Democratic Republic of Congo that includes three generations, grandmother, husband and wife and their 5 children (daughters 9, 12 and 19 and sons 15 and 23). All of he children were born in refugee camp in Tanzania and have never been to their home country because of the dangers of return. The family has be here just over a year and is very focused on education. Dad and son are employed to support the family so that the others can stay in school, including college.