Family Bios: Nov 12, 2016


Our first family is a husband and wife who fled from the Democratic Republic of Congo 20 years ago and stayed in a refugee camp in Rwanda until they were resettled to the US 5 weeks ago.  The husband worked as a farmer and herder in DRC, and then learned to operate textiles machinery to manufacture and tailor clothes while living in Rwanda.  They are very appreciative to be in our country and are working hard to improve their English skills while their resettlement agency helps them look for jobs.


Our second family is from Somalia, consisting of a mother, and her three daughters, age 10, 12, and 16.  Crime and gangs were rampant in Somalia, food and jobs were scarce, making day to day life dangerous.  The family fled Somalia 8 years ago and lived in the largest refugee camp in the world, Dadaab Refugee Camp in Kenya, before being resettled to the US in August. They are very pleased to be in Phoenix.  They children are enrolled in school and the mother and eldest daughters see much opportunity for themselves and the younger children in our country.


Our third family is a mother and her young son who fled from Eritrea.  They fled to Djibouti during the Eritrean Civil War.  They stayed in Djibouti until being resettled to the US in August.

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