Family Bios: Nov 19, 2016


Our first visit is a 26 year old woman from Somalia.  She fled Somalia 8 years ago and lived in Kenya before being resettled to America 2 months ago.  Most of her family remains in Somalia, including her 10 year old daughter, whom she left with her mother before fleeing.  She was originally placed with a roommate, but the roommate has decided to move elsewhere.  She hopes to have a new roommate soon.  She is grateful to be in America, is working on learning English, hopes to find a job soon and eventually apply for reunification with her daughter.


Our second  visit is a young 20 year old man from Eritrea.  At age 15 he was taken from school and his family to fight in the Eritrean military.  He escaped to Ethiopia where he stayed for 5 years.  His 14 year old brother arrived with him and was placed with a foster family through the unaccompanied minor program.  He is able to visit with his brother biweekly.  His mother, father, and 9 other siblings remain in Eritrea.  He was a very good student in Eritrea, and also learned some English there.  He understands English well, but has difficulty speaking it.  Right now he is focusing on developing his English and hopes to study computers.  He also loves music and played the piano in Eritrea.


Our third visit is

Our third visit is with two roommates who came from Cuba.  One was a Dentist and the other was a Physical Therapist.  They enrolled in the Cuban Medical Professional Program where they were sent to Venezuela.  They then escaped and traveled to Columbia, then Miami, then Phoenix.  The entire journey from Venezuela to Phoenix took 2 years.  One has recently begun working and the other has a job she will start soon.  Both are glad to be in America.

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