Family Bios: Nov 5, 2016


Our first family is from the Democratic Republic of Congo and arrived to the U.S. in August.  They include a husband, wife, five sons, aged 5-19, and two daughters, ages 2 nd 14.  The father worked in agriculture.   The wife worked as a maid.  They had to flee their home when war conditions became too dangerous.  They fled to Uganda where they live in a refugee camp for over ten years before coming to the U.S.  Many of the children were born in the refugee camp and the others left the DRC at such a young age that they vaguely remember their homeland.  All the children are enrolled in school, the parents are looking for work with the assistance of their resettlement agency.  The family is happy to be in America and to be safe.

syrian flag

Our second family is from Syria and arrived to the United States only three weeks ago.  The family includes a husband, wife, four sons, ages 6-14, and two daughters, ages 2 and nine months.  The family fled Syria on foot and walked to Jordan where they lived in a camp for five years.  In Syria, the father was a carpenter and the wife was a homemaker. They stated that they had a very good life.  They are extremely appreciative of being resettled in the US and their opportunity to live safely and freely.  The children are quickly learning to speak English and will soon be enrolled in U.S. schools.

Our third family is also from the Democratic Republic of Congo. The family includes a husband, wife, 7 daughters, ages 4-19, and a son, age 21.  The father worked in textiles, managing machinery to manufacture clothes.  They escaped civil war in Congo that has decimated their land and they eventually made their way to Namibia.  The family was in refugee camp for over eight years.  Some of the children were born in the refugee camp.  The young children are enrolled in school and the older children are working to help support the family.  The eldest daughter is pregnant and due soon.   The family feels very fortunate to be in the U.S. and look forward to safe and rewarding lives.

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