Family Bios: November 17, 2018 (afternoon)

We will visit a woman from Cuba who arrived to the US via a detainment facility in Laredo, Tx.  She is 22 years old when she decided it was time to leave Cuba.  The government refused to allow her family to open a restaurant and they also were requiring her to join the military which she did not want to do.  The government put her under surveillance and our client no longer felt safe.  She secured the ability to travel to Mexico and flew to Mexico City and then onto Laredo where she was then apprehended by customs.  She asked for asylum but was detained for 45 days in a detention facility there.  She was eventually allowed into the US and transported to Phoenix.  She describes this as a very scary experience when she was in the detention facility.  Our client wants to get a job as soon as possible and then wants to learn to be a hair stylist.  She is working on learning English.  She has family that would like to join her but they do not know if this will be possible.  Her father has tried several times to leave and has been detained each time.  She is very relieved to be here in the US.

We will also visit family from the Democratic Republic of Congo who spent many years in refugee camp in Kenya.  




And we will meet a large Rohingya family who fled Burma many years ago for safety in Malaysia.