Family Bios: November 23, 2019

On Saturday, we will visit a family from the Democratic Republic of Congo. The mother and father fled with their young children. They are in the US with a daughter who was only 2 years old when they ran and another who was born in camp. The girls are now 23 and 18 years old; the family spent 21 years in a camp in Rwanda waiting for a place to call home. Their 2-year old granddaughter also lives with them.  The family arrived at 3 different times, as they were all separated during the resettlement process. They came with one more family member who has since moved to Kentucky in search of work. Two more grown children remain in Rwanda.  In the DRC, the father was an evangelist. He was able to continue preaching in Rwanda and, the day of our visit, he had his bible always close at hand. None of the children were able to attend school during their long stay in Rwanda. The family is happy to be here, in a home. They look forward to working and to having the youngest girl have a chance to go to school.

We will also meet a family from Afghanistan. The mother fled her home while pregnant, on her own, with a one-year old son.  She ran to Turkey where she waited 9 years for a place to call home.  While she waited, she gave birth to another son and later a daughter.  The mom is thankful that her boys were able to attend school in Turkey. She says they are already speaking some English after being in an American school since only the beginning of the year.  Her daughter, who is 4 years old and stays at home with her, is speaking English just from hearing her brothers talk about school every day.  In Afghanistan and in Turkey, the mother was a seamstress. She was especially keen on the possibility of receiving a sewing machine from WTAP. She also said she would try to be brave and learn to ride a bike when she heard of WTAP’s partnership with Phantom Cyclist. She was thrilled for her children to have a computer as well.  The mom said her family really likes America. There is no violence here; her boys love school; her daughter delights in visiting the park.  She is so grateful for the safety of her family and the generosity of WTAP and all of the volunteers!

And we will meet a third family from DRC, a couple with 6 sons, ages 9 to 25. They arrived in August kf this year. We will learn more about this family, their journey and their dreams when we see them on Saturday.