Family Bios: November 3, 2018 (afternoon)


We will be meeting a family of 5 from Bagdad, Iraq. The husband, wife, and their three sons arrived in Phoenix in September of this year. This family came directly to Phoenix from Iraq, without fleeing to different countries first. They fled I raq because of the instability and danger, and the parents wanted a better life for their children. The sons are ages 14, 13, and 7 years old. All three of the children have started school, and are loving it. Because each son is either in elementary, middle school, or high school, they all go to different campuses. Their parents hope that their children attend a university someday, and get a good education. The children and parents do not speak English very well, but they are trying to learn. The father is working on getting his driver’s license so he can secure a better job. Back home in Iraq, the father obtained a bachelor’s degree in design. He also was a businessman, owned a restaurant and market, and was a taxi driver. The mother is an Arabic teacher. They are happy to be in America, and have some friends here in Phoenix.


We will also be visiting a family of 10 from the Democratic Republic of Congo. This family consists of a father, mother, 4 daughters (ages 14, 10, 7, and 3), and 4sons (ages 14, 12, 10, and 1). They just arrived to Phoenix on October 2018, so the kids are not yet enrolled in school and the parents have not yet found work. The5 oldest kids were born in Congo, where their father unfortunately passed away.  After fleeing to a camp in Uganda, the mother met her now husband and had her other 3 children in camp. They lived there for 10 years before coming to the United States. In Uganda, the mother worked as a cleaner and babysitter. The father worked as a part of a hospital’s registry staff. All of the children, except the 2youngest, attended school in their camp in Uganda where they learned some English. They are glad that they are here and safe, and look forward to starting their new lives in Phoenix.


Another family we will be visiting is from Eritrea. This family consists of a father, mother, and two little girls ages 3 and 1. They arrived in October of this year, and speak little English. The wife’s brother and sister both live close by in Phoenix. Before they knew each other, the mother and father separately fled Eritrea to a refugee camp in Ethiopia because they feared the government and had little freedom. The lived in camp for 10 years, where the husband and wife met each other and had both of their daughters. Back home in Eritrea, the father was a farmer, and owned a restaurant when living in the camp in Ethiopia. Both of the parents hope to find work soon, as well as attend school to learn English. They are happy to be in the United States where they can raise their daughters and have more freedom.