Family Bios: November 4, 2017

We will visit a family from the Democratic Republic Of Congo. The dad (37) and the mom (35) spent 17 years in a refugee camp in Rwanda before being granted asylum. They met, married and had all of their six children (ages 6 to 16) while they waited to find a safe home.  The family has been in Phoenix for 2 years. They are still struggling as both mom and dad have injuries from their escapes and time in the refugee camps that prevent them from finding permanent work. All 6 of the children are in school and doing well. The family is so grateful for the opportunity to be here and for their children to be able to go to school. They said America is a great place and they love it here.


We will also visit a family from Somalia. The grandmother lives with her daughter (30) and her 2 granddaughters. The family fled Somalia and lived in a refugee camp in Kenya for 8 years. They arrived in Phoenix a year ago. The mother is working on her English in hopes of finding a better job. Both of her daughters are in school and doing well. The family is very fortunate to have a cousin who has been in the States for 7 years. He moved to Phoenix when his relatives arrived and has been helping them with translation and transportation. They are very hopeful for their new life here in Phoenix.


And we will visit a mother and her three daughters from Ethiopia, all of whom are pleased to be safe in America.  In Ethiopia, conditions were dangerous and food was scarce. They escaped to refugee camp and were recently granted asylum.  The girls are all in elementary school and are proud and happy at their opportunities for education.