Family Bios: October 12, 2019

This weekend, we will visit a young mother from Honduras. Six years ago, she trekked from Honduras, through Guatemala, to Mexico, where she spent a month waiting to be admitted into the US. She has built a new life in Phoenix, getting married, having a son (5 years old) and is now pregnant with another baby due in February. She is also mom to an older daughter (16 years old) and an older son (12 years old). While she is shy about speaking English, she understands very well. She is grateful to WTAP for supporting her as she anticipates the arrival of her new baby and continues to make a home in Phoenix.

We will also visit a family of four from Mexico who arrived in the US in March. The mother and father have two daughters (4 and 10 years old).  They arrived on a visa and are now applying for permanent status as they cannot return to Mexico. They do not have other family in the US, but they already have many friends. The older daughter is in school. She goes to the library to check out books for herself and for her sister, so they can both learn English. The mother said when they arrived, they had nothing. She made a make-shift sofa out of packing boxes, a small blanket and some pillows and her kitchen table is borrowed from a  friend. She is grateful for the support of WTAP and the assistance in helping her make her house a home.