Family Bios: October 14, 2017

We’ll visit a family of eight from Afghanistan who arrived just two months ago.   They were able to relocate here because of the mother’s work with the US forces in Afghanistan.  The children range from 19 to 2 years old;  all but the 2-year old started school a few days ago.   The family has some special needs, as the father and one son have quite limited vision.   They feel fortunate to have a number of close relatives resettled nearby.



The second family arrived from Cuba a little over five months ago.   The husband and wife have two children, a 9-year old daughter and a 1-year old son.  The father was trained as an accountant in Cuba, but said it was difficult to find jobs there.  He hopes to be able to further his studies and training in accounting here.   Another relative, a young man 19 years old, lives with them.  He wants to work and hopes to begin ESL classes as soon as he can.



We will also meet a man from Burma, who escaped a lifetime of persecution.  He left Burma in 2012 to travel by boat to Indonesia then Christmas Island then Papua New Guinea. He spent four years on Papua New Guinea before being resettled in Phoenix. He has a wife and children still in Bangladesh