Family Bios: October 19, 2019 (morning)

On Saturday morning, we will meet a family of seven from Burundi, who arrived in the US in April 2015.  The family includes the father, mother and five children, including three sons and two daughters.  The family spent 13 years in a refugee camp, where the father worked as a cook in the camp and the mother provide delivery services.  The children all attended school while in the camp. The father is currently working at Sky Harbor and the mother is working in a laundry. The family is glad to be in the US safe and the children can receive a quality education.  They are looking forward to buying a home too.

We will also meet a family of five from the Democratic Republic of Congo. The family spent 16 years in a refugee camp in Burundi.  The husband and wife met in the camp and were married.  The father was a driver in the camp and all the children were born in the camp. The family has a son (age 9 years) and two daughters (ages 7 and 5 years). The father is currently working at Sky Harbor.  The mother is expecting another child in three months.  The family says everything is good in America and the family is glad to be safe and the children can receive a good education.

And we will meet a young man who fled Cameroon to Algeria due to persecution. He lived for many years in Algeria before finding safety here in the United States.