Family Bios: October 20, 2018

We will visit a young man from the Roshni province of Afghanistan who arrived in the US 9/11/18.  He is just 18 years old and fled his country at the encouragement of his parents due to death threats on him from the Taliban.  He is unsure why he was targeted.  His parents wanted him kept safe so they gave him some money they had saved up and he fled to India first and then onto Sri Lanka where he asked for asylum.  He traveled to the US once all documents were in order.  He wants to be able to help his parents with money and so he is very interested in getting a job first and then pursuing an education after he is more financially stable.  Our client has no siblings and is hoping his parents can join him in the US at some point.  He is looking forward to learning English and making new friends in America.


We will also visit a husband, wife and the niece and nephew of the couple.  They fled the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2011 due to increasing danger to their village from decades of war.  They had many family members killed and they fled for their lives to Malawi where they stayed at a refugee camp.  They married 1 year ago in the camp.  Prior to leaving their village the husband’s job was running a market where he sold beer and wine.  His wife was a student.  When they fled their village the niece and nephew were just 7 and 11 respectively.  They learned they have some family in north Phoenix but have not had a chance to meet their yet.  They are trying to get jobs and learning English.


And we will also visit a young man who arrived from Mexico on his own as a minor and after foster care,  is about to move into his very first apartment.  We will learn more about him when we visit.