Family Bios: October 7, 2017

We will visit a family from Somalia.   This family of nine (four girls,  three boys) came to Arizona several months ago from Ethiopia, where they lived in a refugee camp for many years.   Five of the children are in school, learning and liking their new environment.  Their mother was pleased to find a temporary job, but it is about to end.  Their father is still looking for work.   While in the refugee camp it was not possible to get jobs.  The parents are eager to find steady work here.



We’ll also meet a family from the Democratic Republic of Congo who speak Swahili.  The parents escaped their war torn country and fled to Uganda and were in a refugee camp there for 20 years.   DRC is too dangerous to return home. The family arrived in Arizona in May of 2017.  Five of their six children (three boys, three girls) are now in school and their 1-year old daughter gets to stay home.