Family Bios: Sept 11, 2016

Today WTAP honors Terence Manning, by showing courage and compassion in our service to refugees fleeing war and oppression.

CubaFlagThis family traveled from Cuba to Ecuador (traveling through, total of, (8) countries before arriving in the US in May! Once they arrived, they were granted Humanitarian Parole and were initially living with a friend but are now in their own apartment. One was an equipment operator at a bakery and the other was an elementary school teacher!




CubaFlagThis is a Cuban Medical Professional Parole client who was working in Venezuela as a dentist. Although she has family support in the area, she is living alone now and can use the extra help. Cuban Medical Professionals are those health-care providers who are sent by the Castro regime to work or study in third countries. Under Cuban Resolution 54, these same Medical Professionals are often denied exit permission by the Cuban Government to come to the United States when they qualify under other established legal channels to migrate from Cuba. Doctors, nurses, paramedics, physical therapists, lab technicians and sports trainers are examples of groups that may qualify for the CMPP program.


600px-Flag_of_Afghanistan.svgThe young man you will be helping comes from Afghanistan and arrived to the US in May of 2015.  His parents were killed in the war and his siblings live in Iran with an uncle, but were unable to come to the country.  He excels academically and is already attending Phoenix College.  He strives to be an attorney.

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