Family Bios: September 10, 2016

DRCFlagThis family is from the Congo region of Africa, a geography burdened with dangerous conflict.  They are a husband, age 24, an expectant wife, age 19, and their young son.   This soon-to-be family of four arrived to the United States in mid August.  They arrived here from Uganda, a country that hosts over 500,000 refugees.  The husband fled to Uganda from Congo for safety five years ago and met and married his wife in refugee camp.  It’s still too dangerous for them to return to Congo and they are pleased to be in the U.S.. Before arriving to the U.S., the husband worked in construction, mostly in digging.  He is already taking classes here to improve his English and wants to support his family by working in construction.  They are very grateful and optimistic to now reside in the United States.


SomaliaFlagThis family is from Somalia.  The family includes a husband and wife in their forties and their eight children, ages 4 to 24.  In Somalia, the family were herders (goat farmers).  The couple left Somalia, in 1992 after civil war erupted and eventually found safety in a refugee camp in Djibouti.    All eight children were born in refugee camp and have never seen their homeland.  The Somalian civil war lasted over 20 years and has resulted in over 500,000 casualties.  Food and jobs are scarce in Somalia and much danger still exists.  The family feels fortunate to now be in the United States, having arrived in mid August.  They look forward to school and work opportunities in the United States and to having a real home.


SomaliaFlagThis family is from Somalia.  The family consists of a husband, age 35, a wife, age 35 and their seven children, ages 1 to 14.  In Somalia, the family were farmers.  They fled dangerous, warring conditions in Somalia and found safety in refugee camp in Ethiopia.  The family has been in refugee camp for nearly ten years.  Many of the children were born in refugee camp and they have not seen their home country of Somalia.  They arrived to the U.S. at the beginning of August.  They are very appreciative to be in the United States.   They couple looks forward to good schools for the children and greater opportunities to work.

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