Family Bios: September 14, 2019

This weekend we will visit a family originally from Eritrea.  The mother left Eritrea and went to Ethiopia where she lived for 6 years in a refugee camp with her young daughters.  While in the camp, they were given 15 kilos of wheat per person per month.  The mother would trade with other refugees for supplies to supplement their diet of wheat.  She applied to come to the United States, and they arrived in October 2018. Since they arrived, the mother found employment but had to leave because of medical issues which she is trying to resolve.  Her two daughters, ages 8 and 9 years, attend school, are learning English and are very happy at their school.  The mother is so proud of them, loves sharing photos of them, and is so happy to be here.

We will also visit a family of seven, originally from the Dominican Republic of Congo. The family includes a mother, three daughters, two sons, and a granddaughter.  Due to the ongoing conflict in the country, they fled to Rwanda where they lived for ten years in a refugee camp.  The children all attended school while living there.  They arrived in the US just three months ago, and thhe children, now all in their 20’s, are working at Marshalls.  They would like to further their education as they are able to save money.

And we will meet a third family that includes a single mother and her two daughters, age 26 and 17, from Democratic Republic of Congo.