Family Bios: September 15, 2018 (afternoon)

We will visit a family from the Democratic Republic of Congo. The mother and father, both farmers, fled the violence and destruction in their country 16 years ago. They left with three small children and ran to Tanzania.  In Tanzania, the children were able to go to the camp school. The family tried to make a life while they waited for asylum. Three more children were born while they waited. The mother, father and 5 of their children arrived here in Phoenix at the end of August. Refugees are only allowed to bring one bag per person and the family was told not to bring clothes, so they arrived with the clothes on their backs. Their caseworker has been kind enough to share some of his family’s clothes with them. WTAP will also be helping them get ready for the upcoming change of seasons. The mother’s greatest sorrow is that their oldest child was not able to come with them. She said that she, her husband and the children are so glad to be in Phoenix, but she said she cannot be completely happy until she is with all her children.


We will also visit two families whose children attend school in Washington Elementary School District, a WTAP partner organization.  We will meet a family from Sudan who has been here for almost three years.  Two of their children were born in the United States.  The father works to support the family and the oldest child is an especially good student.




And we will meet a mother from DRC and her four children.  The mother works in at food processing plant.  Her oldest daughter is currently looking for work.  The other three children (two boys and a girl) are in school and doing quite well.  Through our partner, PCs for Refugees, we will bring a computer to help with their learning.  We will learn more about the families during our visit.