Family Bios: September 23, 2017

We will meet a family from Burundi who escaped persecution and fled to refugee camp. This family includes a mother age 24 and her son who is three years old. They arrived to the US in Spring 2017 and live in an apartment with the mother’s sister.  The mother left Burundi in 1993, when she was a young baby and headed for Tanzania where they lived in a refugee camp. She has a sister in Uganda, a brother who is lost, and two sisters who are minors living with her in Arizona and already employed. Her son is an energetic, quick learner and already adapting to his new home


We’ll visit a family from the Congo region of Africa who arrived in late July of this year. They include a husband, wife and their five kids, ages 9 to 17. The entire family has lived most of their life in refugee camp. Most of the children were born in refugee camp. Their Phoenix apartment is their first real home.




We will visit two young men who were part of an unaccompanied minors program. One, age 19, is from Ecuador. The other, age 20 is from Honduras. They escaped dangers in their home countries and were in foster care in the United States. We will help them to settle into their first ever apartments. The boys work and attend school.