Family Bios: September 30, 2017

We’ll visit a family from Democratic Republic of Congo who consists of a mother, age 32, her son, age 2, and daughter, age 7. The mother fled Congo to refugee camp when her father was killed. She does not know where her mother is. She taught French in the refugee camp for 4 years. She resettled in Arizona in June of this year. She says their life is good here. Her daughter is going to school, mom is taking English classes and the family attends church.


We’ll also a family of three from Iraq. The husband, age 36, was working with the American Army and began receiving threats do to this association. All of their friends left Iraq because of similar dangers. The family came directly to Arizona. The husband is a photographer. The mother (age 36) was a pre-school teacher. They have a son who is two years old. They enjoy the peace and safety in the US. They look forward to finding work and hope to reconnect with siblings that are still in Iraq.



And we will visit a brave young woman from Democratic Republic of Congo who is 19 years old. She fled Congo as a child and does not remember her parents. From the Democratic Republic of Congo, she went to Kenya where she lived in the city for 2 years. While in Kenya, she met a man and married him. He remains in Kenya, a separate case, who has so far not been able to join her. She arrived in to the US July 2017 and has just recently started working. She is working with her case manager and hopes to have her husband join her eventually.