Family Bios: September 7, 2019

This weekend, we will visit a family from Eritrea.  The mother and her two daughters, ages 6 and 8, arrived to Arizona in April 2019.  The family fled from their country in May 2014 because of the lack of freedom and human rights. The mother settled the family in Ethiopia where she worked as a cleaner.  Her two daughters are currently attending school in Phoenix and are enjoying the experience.  The mother has medical issues which are being treated, and she hopes to be able to work in the near future.  Her goal is to be able to work, pay her bills and provide for her children. She is learning English from her children and would like to attend school in the future to improve her language skills.

We will also visit a family from Pakistan. The mother and her two sons, ages 16 and 14, arrived in Arizona in June 2019 after fleeing their country in 2012 because of threats to their lives.  They settled in Kuala Lumpur and the three of them lived in one room.  The mother supported her family through working in a variety of jobs in food services and in factories.  The sons attended school in Malaysia where they studied English and are fluent in the language.  The mother was diagnosed with a serious illness a couple of years ago and was granted entry into the US with her sons so that she could receive medical treatment.  She is pleased with her care here and is hopeful that she will be able to recover and work again.  Her children really enjoy school and are very sports oriented.  They both love soccer, and the older son would like to become a professional soccer player.  The mother also speaks English, which she learned through her work in Malaysia but she would like to study the language more to improve her skills.  Her dream is to be able to give back to others as she is so grateful for all the help she received in the last two years when she was unable to work.

We will also visit a family from Myanmar who consist of a husband, wife, three daughters (9, 6, 2 months) and son (8). They arrived in April of 2019 and the children have begun US school.