Family Bios: September 8, 2018

We will visit a family composed of a husband, his wife and their six children.  They have five daughters, ages 14, 12, 10, 3, and 18 months and one son, age 6.  The parents were born in the Democratic Republic of Congo but fled their homes to Uganda because of the conflicts in their country.  The husband was 14 years old when he left, and his wife was 13 years old.  They met in the refugee camp and married, and five of their children were born there.  The husband lived in the camp for 18 years, and his wife was in the camp for 20 years.  Husband was a farmer and had a small garden in the camp.  The family came to the United States in August 2016 and settled in Phoenix.  They are pleased to live in a country where there is no war, and their children are able to get an education.  They were both unable to attend school because of the conflicts in their country.  Their children love school, and they want to go to university.  One daughter wants to be a doctor while another wants to be a lawyer, and their son wants to be a policeman.  The mother is currently working in food production at Papa Johns where her husband is actively seeking new employment.

We will also visit  family that includes a husband, age 46, his wife, age 33, and seven sons, ages 16, 14, 13, 12, 8, 6 and 2.  The parents are from the Democratic Republic of Congo, and both fled their country because of the civil war, and each settled in the same refugee camp in Tanzania where they met and married.  The wife stated that she was 12 years old when she left the Congo with her parents.  All of their children were born in the camp where the husband worked as a teacher, and the wife was a farmer.  The husband had completed high school in the Congo and had a diploma..  The husband is working making furniture and was at his job when the wife was interviewed.  The wife is working in food production.. She said that “life is good for the family”, and the children love school and are doing well. The children talk about wanting to further their education and become doctors, lawyers and police officers.  One child would like to return to his country one day and run for president.  They arrived in Arizona four months ago and are so happy to live in a country where they can establish a permanent home in a peaceful stable country which provides their children an opportunity to get an education and pursue their dreams.

And we will visit a family that consists of of a husband, age 38, his wife, age 36, three daughters, ages 13, 12, and 8, and two sons, ages 6 and 2.  His wife is 8 months pregnant with their sixth child.  They each fled the Democratic Republic of Congo to Burundi in 2000 because of the war, and they met in the camp in 2004 where they married and had all of their children there.  The husband ran a small business in the camp, and the children attended school which was taught in French.  They arrived in Arizona in 2017, and their life has really improved because it is a peaceful stable country in which their children have the opportunity to go to school.  Education is very important to the parents as the husband had to drop out of school in the 7th grade and the wife in the 10th grade.  Their children love school and are doing well academically. The children have dreams of becoming a doctor, an actress, and a pilot while the wife’s dream is to return to school to learn English.  The husband said that he needs to focus on working hard to provide for his family.  Both spouses are working in food production for Papa Johns but the wife is planning to stop working soon because of her pregnancy.