Family Bios: Feb 13, 2016

600px-Flag_of_Afghanistan.svgThis family arrived two weeks ago from Afghanistan. The husband, 33, graduated from university with a degree in a civil engineering.  In 2009, immediately after he finished school, he began working for the American military  rehabilitating buildings in his country.  He worked for them in a variety of positions until 2015.  He married his 22 year old wife in December 2013, and they have a one and a half year old son.  She is expecting another child in July.  The family fled the country because of security concerns and both left their families back in Afghanistan. The husband’s father was killed in the civil war in Afghanistan and his mother now lives with his siblings.  He has  five brothers and two sisters, but one of his brothers in the Afghan army was killed in 2014 in a suicide attack.  His wife who is a high school graduate has a mother and five siblings in Afghanistan; her father is deceased.  The couple has one friend in Phoenix who was the husband’s work colleague.  The husband is fluent in English, while the wife knows very little but hopes to go to school to learn the language.  The husband wants to study further in the United States, so that he can be certified to practice his profession.  He has already sent his academic and work records to be evaluated for academic credits in America.  The couple is very happy to be in America.  Husband states that their dream is to “have a safe life” here and for him to work again as a civil engineer.


Flag_of_the_Democratic_Republic_of_the_Congo.svgThe second family is from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and consists of a mother, age 38, and her son, age 14 and her daughter, age 11.  She fled the Congo after her husband was killed in the fighting, and she settled for six years in Uganda with her children.  She established a business selling cloth there, but always wanted to come to America “because it is good.”  She has been in Arizona for four months and is currently working at a pizza joint making pizzas and salads, which she enjoys.  She has limited knowledge of English and would like to be able to study the language further.  Her children are doing well learning English in school, and they like school.  Her parents are deceased, but she has three brothers living in the DRC.  Her sister arrived in Phoenix five months ago and is a major support for her.


600px-Flag_of_Afghanistan.svgAnother home we will visit today actually houses two roommates from Afghanistan. They are unrelated, but came  to the US in December 2015 through the Special Immigrant Visa program. Learn more about their story and hopes and dreams for their life in Phoenix on Deliveries.

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