Family Stories: Nov. 14, 2015

Flag_of_Myanmar.svgThis family is originally from Burma.  The father (24) left Burma as a child and spent 18 years in refugee camp in Thailand.  He met and married his wife (25) in camp and both their children who are ages one and two now, were born in camp.  The wife has a brother who lives nearby.  Both parents are taking English classes and husband is excited to find a job.

Flag_of_the_Democratic_Republic_of_the_Congo.svgAnother family we will visit is a large family from the Democratic Republic of Congo.  At the age of 17, the father and mother left their country and ended up in a refugee camp in Rwanda.  They lived there for 18 years and had all their children there.  They have three sons ages four, ten and twelve and three daughters ages seven, eight and thirteen.  The father was shot in the leg in camp and to this day walks with crutches with some difficulty.  They arrived in Arizona in June of 2015.  The older children are all in school and doing well.  The four year old stays home with the parents and is full of energy and life.  The father and mother are attending English classes daily.  They have some challenges they are working through due to the father’s physical disability and the mother suffers from depression.  The mother likes to sew and would love to have a sewing machine.

guatemala flagAnother individual is 19 years old and is from Guatemala.  He came to the US to escape violence and neglect in his home country.  He currently attends high school and has a part-time job.

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