Family Stories: Oct 31, 2015

Flag_of_Myanmar.svgThis family of four arrived in early September from Malaysia where they have been living for the past 10 years.  Originally from Burma, the father left first due to the fighting and violence in their home country and the mother and children joined him in Malaysia three years later.  In Malaysia the father was a welder.  He hopes to get training and certification to be a welder here in the US but will be happy with any job for the time being.  Mom would like to focus on learning better English and then get a job perhaps similar to working in the Malaysian shoe factory.  Their daughter is a sophomore in high school.  She loves to read and play badminton.  She hopes to study medicine in college.  Her younger brother is in sixth grade and he loves soccer.


Flag_of_Myanmar.svgThis family of six, originally from Burma, has been living in Malaysia for 20 years.  The family has been in the US for about six weeks.  As a youth in Burma, the father, 44, studied through the tenth grade and worked with contracts.  Mom is 31 and the proud mother of four beautiful sons six years old, twins age three, and a seven month old baby.  The father feels like his life is “gone” but is so grateful his babies will grow up with a peaceful life in America.  His favorite thing about America is our freedom.


Flag_of_the_Democratic_Republic_of_the_Congo.svgThis family of five includes a mother, 29, with her two sons (ten and one year old) and a daughter (six years old) and the mother’s brother, 25.  They arrived in the US 9/1/15 from a refugee camp in Namibia where they had lived for seven years, away from their homeland, the DR Congo.  The mother worked in a business selling fish and would like to learn better English so she can get a job in America.  She likes the color white and enjoys spending time playing with her children.  Her older son is in the 5th grade and enjoys sports, especially soccer and basketball.  His favorite color is blue.  Her daughter is in first grade.  She loves the color pink, singing and sports.  The mother’s brother joined the family in Arizona a few weeks later and likes the peacefulness and security of America.  He worked in a shoe store in Namibia and enjoys soccer and basketball in his free time.

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