February 14, 2015

Iraqi flagThe first family we will visit is from Iraq. The mother is being reunited with her husband, who has been living in the United States for five years. They have a three-year old daughter and a baby due at the end of March. The father moved to the United States five years ago, but he has been able to go back to Iraq to visit his family. He applied for his family to join him, and they arrived in April. In the time that he has been here, the father has been able to secure work. The mother, a biochemical engineer, is also hoping to find work in her field after the baby is born. The family is excited to be together again!

Flag_of_Bhutan.svgThe second family we will visit is from Bhutan. The father (37) and mother (35) have two children (ages 3 and 1). The parents both fled Bhutan as young children. They met in a refugee camp in Nepal, where they were married. Both of their children were born in Nepal. They were able to attend school. Both the mother and father know some English. The father is currently in training for a job at the airport, while the mother plans to stay home with their children. The father has a brother who lives in Phoenix, and the mother has family in Colorado whom they hope to visit soon. It will ease their adjustment to the Untied states to have family members for support.

Somalian FlagThe last family we will visit is from Somalia. A mother and her two children (ages 14 and 2) live with her sister and her sister’s son (age 6).  The oldest child uses a wheelchair. The two sisters escaped the civil war in Somalia together. They originally fled to Ethiopia in 2008. The family arrived in Phoenix in September, after spending six years in a refugee camp. The mother’s sister has applied for several jobs in the area. She is working to improve her English while she waits to find out if she has been hired. The two older children are attending school. The mother stays home with her youngest son.

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