February 16, 2013

Ethiopian FlagEritrean FlagIn the first apartment we will visit there are three women who are twenty-seven, twenty- four and twenty-two. Two of the women are from Ethiopia and one is from Eritrea. The two Ethiopian women have children in Ethiopia with whom they have lost contact. They are very sad to be separated from their children. They hope to find them and to be reunited. The women have been in Arizona for two to three months. They are taking English classes, looking for jobs and making friends at a nearby church.

Burmese FlagThe second family we will visit is originally from Burma. They lived in Malaysia for sixteen years, where they encountered difficulties due to their immigration status. The father worked in used car sales in Malaysia and he would like to do something similar in Arizona, once his English has improved.  They have been here for five months and the father has been working temporary jobs. He hopes to get a more stable job soon. He has his driver’s license and has borrowed a friend’s car. This family has two boys (ages 3 and 1), and a child due March 25th. The three year old likes to read and to color.

Iranian FlagThe last home we will visit is that of a single man (age 25) from Iran. He lived in Turkey for twenty months before he arrived in Arizona. He has been in Arizona since October. He recently moved to new apartment with a roommate. The roommate will be moving out when his wife arrives. The young man will need some extra things for his apartment when his roommate moves out. He is taking English classes and wants to find work. Eventually, he would like to go to college to study Computer Science. He has family in Iran and he is able to keep in contact with them. He has also made some friends in Arizona.


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