February 2, 2013

Somali FlagThe first family we will visit is originally from Somalia. This family of eight spans generations – from a newborn baby girl to an elderly grandmother. The father is the only male in the family. The family was forced to evacuate due to the war in Somalia, and moved to a refugee camp in Djibouti. The Djibouti refugee camp was unusually harsh with dangers from thieves and violence against refugees. It was particularly unsafe for women. Although the family members were not able to work at the refugee camp, the children were able to be educated because the schools were good. In Phoenix, the family lives in a moderate size first floor apartment. The family is missing one twin bed and the young pre-teen girl asks her parents daily for a bike. The kids are adapting well to Phoenix and enjoy school. This is a kind, and generous family. The grandmother is very elderly and has trouble walking. She is in need of a cane to help her get around.

Cuban FlagThe next family we will visit is a family of one young man who is from Cuba.  His journey was an incredibly difficult one. He left his family behind and had to travel through nearly all of Central America to reach the USA. His travels were very hard, and extremely dangerous. This young man lives on the 3rd floor of a smaller apartment which is accessed by a steep staircase.  When he was in Cuba he worked as a mechanical electrician. The young man was also a yoga and jujitsu instructor. He left behind a large family and a 17 year old daughter. He is hoping she will migrate to the USA. and he is preparing for her arrival. He needs a bicycle that he will use for transportation to work.

Iraqi FlagThe last family we will visit is a family of three who are originally from Iraq. The family was forced out of Iraq because of the violence in the country. They moved to Syria and lived there for 6 years, only to have the recent conflicts in Syria force their recent evacuation to the United States. The family had encountered problems between Sunnis and Muslims in Iraq. Those problems continued into Syria. When the family lived in Syria, the father worked cleaning houses. However, in Iraq he was a lawyer and his wife was a banker. He speaks and understands English quite well. The daughter was top student in her school in Syria. She has a passion for drawing and the arts. The family is having some adjustment problems as the daughter is having some trouble in her new school. However, the love the United States, and are working to solve those problems.




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