February 4, 2012

Iraqi FlagOur first delivery will be to a family from Iraq. The family consists of a mother, father, and two young children. They fled the very combative area of Mosul to Lebanon before coming to the United States. Their moderately sized apartment on the second floor has some furniture. The young couple is incredibly hospitable. They offered home visit volunteers small Iraqi baked desserts and tea (which were very good!). The wife’s sister lives in the same complex and acts as translator. The husband was a chef in Iraq. The family finds the Phoenix climate similar to Iraq. The children could use some toys. The school aged child is in need of bicycle, backpack, and school supplies. He is terribly excited about entering school and making new friends.

Iraqi FlagOur second delivery will be to another family from Iraq. The family consists of a college-aged son and his father. The son’s brother was killed in war. The son is the primary caretaker for his father, who has had Alzheimer’s for years. The son was educated in Germany and speaks German and English very well. He is also a huge sports fan; he loves soccer, and especially Schalke. He also runs several miles a day. The son is trying to move to 1st floor apartment to give father safer walking conditions. The father spent 50 years as a tailor. His son is also trained in clothing design. They are in need of an adult male’s bicycle and a dining room table.

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