I Welcome Refugees: 3 ways to take action

iwelcomerefugeesPresident Trump’s Executive Order has sparked concern for many people about the future of the refugee resettlement program. With 21 million refugees worldwide, the international community cannot ignore the desperate situations many families find themselves in. Resettlement is a way for a small number of these individuals to find safety and freedom.

Here at WTAP, we have had an outpouring of support from people across the political spectrum in support of refugees. Many of you are mobilized and want to “do something” to support refugees, but aren’t sure what is needed.

No matter where you live, here are three ways to turn that energy into productive action:

  1. Advocate– You have a voice. Make sure your legislators, state and federal, know that you support refugee resettlement. Share accurate information about the process, the refugees in your community, and personal stories.
  2. Become an Ambassador– We need all the help we can get spreading accurate information about refugees and the work we do to welcome and support them. Help us grow our tribe of community members mobilized to provide positive integration. Commit to invite 10 friends, family, co-workers, or business colleagues, to a WTAP tour or invite us to present to your group. Not from AZ, become a social media ambassador. Contact to pledge your commitment.
  3. Donate– As long as there is the need, WTAP will continue to grow our programs to provide support and a warm welcome to refugee families. Now more than ever, community support is vital to refugee resettlement. Give generously to ensure that all refugees receive a dignified home and a neighborly welcome.

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  1. I’m a real fan of Welcome to America. I admire your caring and commitment. In this day of demonizing immigrants and refugees, your work lights the way for people who believe in goodness, kindness, sharing and helping. Thank you.

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