January 10, 2015

Flag of Myanmar.svg  One visit will be to a family from Burma. The husband and wife fled to a refugee camp to escape the 66 year old civil war. The family then had to flee the first refugee camp which had very dangerous and had unhealthy living conditions. In 2006 the husband and wife fled to Malaysia where conditions in the refugee camps were better. They arrived in Arizona on November 20th 2014. The husband worked in a restaurant in Malaysia and the wife worked as a sales assistant. They are glad to live in a society where they can have freedom. They would like to learn to speak English.  The husband is currently working at a local market in the meat department.

Flag of Iraq.svg  Another visit will be to a family of four from Iraq. The husband (age 31) worked in pharmaceutical sales. He also played professional basketball. The wife (28) worked as a computer instructor. They have two sons (ages 3 and 1). The family fled Iraq because of fear for their safety. They arrived in Arizona on October 10th 2014. The parents would like to pursue their education after they learn to speak English. The husband is currently working in a warehouse preparing orders. Their hope to find a better life for their two boys in their new community in Arizona.

Flag of Iraq.svg  Our third visit will be to a family from Iraq. The husband is 41 years old. In his country, the husband worked as a blacksmith. The wife is 42 years old. Unsafe conditions in Iraq forced this family to flee to Turkey. The family lived in Turkey for three years where they worked in a garment factory sewing items. They arrived in Arizona in mid-October of last year.  They are learning to speak English on their own by studying together. They would like to work in any capacity. They have learned to use the public transportation system in Phoenix. They are very independent, and travel around the city looking for jobs by themselves. This couple is glad to be able to pursue a life of freedom in America.




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