January 16, 2016

Flag of Cuba.svg   This Saturday we will welcome a happy couple from Cuba. This couple is very proud of their new apartment in Phoenix, and are ecstatic to have a home in the United States. They are very proud of their Cuban culture. Although the couple misses the family they left behind in Cuba they are thrilled with the “security, liberty, freedom and opportunity,” they are finding in the United States.

Flag of Iran.svg    Our second visit will be to a grandfather of two who is a successful Iranian writer. He is very proud of his 40 published books which he keeps stacked neatly in his small apartment. This gentleman is a recent immigrant who is already working on his latest writing project. When he originally fled Iran he went to Turkey. He feels that in the United States he will have more freedom to write romance novels in without the fear of reprisal than he had in wither of the other countries. While he misses his two sons who live in Iran and Greece, he is already enjoying his new home in the United States.

Flag of Cuba.svg    Our final visit will be to two lifelong friends from Cuba who moved to Phoenix in October. They are very happy to be living in Phoenix. They are settling into their apartment as they wait for the documentation which will be necessary for them to pursue their respective careers as a Computer Programmer and an Electrician. These gentlemen are thrilled to be in the United States where have the opportunity to build a life in a place of freedom and security. The friends are eagerly anticipating the arrival of their wives and children from Cuba. They hope to be well-settled by the time their families arrive.

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