January 17, 2015

The first family we will visit moved to Arizona from Iraq. The husband (36) and wife (33) are happy to be in Phoenix with their daughter (7) and son (3). They have one friend in the area which is making the transition to their new home a little bit easier. The daughter has already started school and is finding it to be fun. She is adjusting to school more every day. Their young son loves to play, especially with his dinosaur figures. Although they miss Iraq, they are very glad to be living in Arizona.

Another family we will visit this week is also from Iraq. This family of four includes husband (35), wife (31), son (6) and daughter (2). The husband speaks a little bit of English already. He worked as a civil engineer in Iraq. He hopes to resume his career here after he gains the certification needed to practice in Arizona. This family loves to follow soccer, and to cheer for the Spanish team. The six year old son likes school. The parents are happy when they think about the future that their children will have in Arizona.

600px-Flag_of_Afghanistan.svgA third family we will visit comes from Afghanistan. This family consists of a husband (age 27), his wife (age 30) and their little son who is five and a half month old. Their journey to Phoenix was long, with four different stops before they finally made it! The husband worked as a translator and project coordinator in their country. He hopes to find work in Arizona soon. The couple feels much safer living in the United States. Their relocation has not been without some frustrations and hurdles, yet they enjoy the sense of equality and friendliness they see in the Phoenix area.



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