January 21, 2012

Iraqi FlagThe first family we will deliver to is from Iraq. The family is kind and generous. They have only been in the U.S. for a few months. The young parents traveled to the U.S. via Turkey where they spent nearly a year-and-a-half. Although work was hard to come by, they enjoyed Turkey for its beauty. So far they like the United States. The father was escaping political strife and persecution in Iraq. The mother and father worked in the same factory in Iraq where the father specialized in machine work repair. The mother’s parents live nearby in Glendale. Their toddler son is very outgoing. The mother is hoping to enroll her son in preschool. The family is hoping to get a television so they can all start learning English.

Ethiopian FlagThe second family we will deliver to is an Ethiopian man who is outgoing and charming. He is Oromo, which represents half the population of Ethiopia. Some Oromo groups in Ethiopia are persecuted and this was his motivation to leave. His journey took him from Ethiopia to India, and finally to the U.S. Even though he was blinded at a very young age, he seems to have no problem navigating his first floor apartment. He is well educated, has a law degree and speaks English. He uses a voice activated cell phone and computer to assist him.

Cuban FlagThe last family we will deliver to is from Cuba. They are a very warm and welcoming group. Their third floor apartment has furniture, but is in need of dressers and other storage spaces. The six people who live here are two parents, their teenage daughter, and their elder daughter along with her husband and young toddler girl. The family left Cuba due to political oppression. Initially they moved to Spain where they stayed for a year. Work was nearly impossible to come by, however, so they relocated to the United States. They enjoy the United States but are still looking for work. The teenage daughter travels a couple miles to high school. She could use a small desk, backpack, and school supplies. The toddler is in need of some toys.

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