January 24, 2015 Families

WTAP will visit four(4) young men from Burma two(2) are 19 years old, one is 22 years old Flag_of_Myanmar.svgand the other is 30 years old. Burma’s military regime has been in power for almost 50 years. It is a rule of harsh physical and psychological repression. The government is very restrictive of every aspect of life and has a lot of corruption. They all faced incarceration in Burma due to all the restrictions on life. These four young men fled Burma to Thailand and then to Malaysia. They arrived in Phoenix Arizona on October 7, 2014. They have family still in Burma, but only one person can come at a time. They all would like to continue with their education here in America. They would all like to work, but speak very little English. One has a friend coming to the U.S. soon and another one has a brother coming.  All four are extremely happy to be here in America.

Somalian FlagThis is a family of four (4) from Somalia. The father is 35 years old and the wife is 30 years old. They have two (2) sons one is 4 years old and the other is 2 years old. Somalia has been plagued by civil war for the past 25 years and life is very difficult. The family arrived in Phoenix November 25, 2014. The father had his own business a small shop in Somalia.  He is well educated and speaks very good English. The older son will be starting kindergarten and is very excited to be starting school next year. The husband is looking to work and would like something in the security field. He is willing to accept any type of employment. He wants to thank America for being out of the civil war and having the opportunity to provide a better life for his family.

600px-Flag_of_Afghanistan.svgThis is a family from Afghanistan. The husband is 32 and the wife is 24. When the U.S. military withdrew from Afghanistan and the Taliban resurged his life was threatened. He served as an interpreter for the U.S. military and was advised not to return to his home. The family arrived in Phoenix November 18, 2014.  The wife is pregnant with their first child due in about 3 months. The husband would like to go to school and is willing to work in any capacity. They have no family in the United States, but there is another family in the complex from Afghanistan. The two (2) families are support systems for each other. The wife wants to learn to speak English, go to school, and eventually find work.


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