January 25, 2015 Families

Flag_of_Iran.svgToday, WTAP will visit a family from Iran. The husband is 37 years old and the wife is 37 years old. The unstable religious climate in Iran caused this family to flee for their lives. Corruption, denial of education and poverty was the way of life. The United Nations brought this family to Turkey and then to the U.S. The family arrived in phoenix October 29, 2014. The wife’s sister-in-law who lives in Phoenix assisted with their transition. The husband has a cousin who also lives in Phoenix. They both worked in sales in India where they lived for a short time. They both are educated and are learning to speak better English. The wife wants to work and is preparing to get her Insurance License. The husband is currently working as a sales assistant. They are interested in pursuing their educational goals.

800px-Flag_of_Cuba.svgWTAP will also visit a father and son from Cuba. They arrived in Phoenix on January 2, 2015 and are eager to start their lives here. The father is 73 and the son is 38 years old. They speak primarily Spanish.

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