January 31, 2015

Flag_of_Myanmar.svgOur first family consists of a family of three from Burma. The husband is 24 years old and the wife is 21 years old. They have a 3 year old son. Burma has been plagued by Civil War for the past 60 years and the recent collapse of a 17 year cease fire has caused many to flee. The family fled Burma to a refugee camp in Thailand where they have lived for the past 4 years. The family arrived in Phoenix December 3, 2014. They have been married for 4 years. The husband has done many types of work to provide for his family.  They still have family in Burma but have no plans to ever return to a life of attacks, torture, rape and summary executions. The husband has a sister who lives in Phoenix. He enjoys computer games and the wife enjoys cooking. They want to learn to speak English. The husband is willing to work and will accept any type of job.

Somalian FlagAnother family we will visit is a family of four from Somalia which consists of a mother and her three children. The mother is 35 years old with daughter 11 years old, a daughter 10 years old and a son 6 years old.  Somalia is a country which has been engulfed in Civil War for over 20 years. The current government is unstable due to the many different groups, politicians, clan leaders and intellectuals. Killing each other has become a way of life in Somalia. The children’s father died as a result of civil war violence. The mother and her brother were separated due to war. The brother went South Africa and she went to Ethiopia in 2010. The mother would like to focus her energy and attention on helping the children adjust to their new life in the United States. The kids have already started school in Phoenix. They are able to walk to school which is near their apartment complex. The family is learning to speak English. The mother has a sister in Ethiopia and some family still who still live in Somalia. The whole family is very glad to be in America.

afghan flagThe third family we will visit this week consists of a family of six from Afghanistan. The husband is 43 years old and the wife is 33 years old. They have two daughters (ages 12 and 11), and two sons (ages 5 and 2). Years of wars and violent conflicts at the hands of the Taliban has left Afghanistan with massive loss of life, displacement and environmental destruction. The United Nations brought this family from Afghanistan to Turkey and then to the United States through one of their many humanitarian programs. The Family arrived in Phoenix on September 3, 2014. The father has worked in shops repairing shoes and furniture. The three eldest children are attending public school and are learning to speak English. The husband and wife want to learn to speak English. The husband is looking for work and is willing to accept a job in any capacity. They have no family here in the United States.

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