January 8, 2011

Burmese FlagOur first family is from Burma. Consisting of Father age 50, Mother age 42, 2 daughters ages 15, 5, and 1 son age 17. They fled Burma in 2003 to Thailand. They felt okay in Thailand because they didn’t have to move from place to place and they had food. When asked how they felt about being here the mother just smiled and said it was too soon to tell, since they just recently arrived. The children seem very happy and excited about starting school once they get all their shots.

Iraqi FlagOur second family is from Iraq. Consisting of Father age 39, Mother age 26, Son age 7 and daughter age 5. The Father was working with the American Government in Iraq until their lives was threatened. So they fled Iraq and were permitted to go straight to California. They were just recently resettled again in Phoenix. They are living in a beautiful home with only beds. They mention they would be happy with whatever we could give them. The Father speaks a little English, but is not too comfortable speaking it.

Bhutanese FlagOur third family is from Bhutan. They originally consisting of Father, Mother, and 2 daughters ages 18 and 19. They arrived here in November and shortly after arriving they lost their 19 yr old daughter. They have been reunited with 2 other adult children since their lost. A daughter age 24 and son age 29. This family is very sad and is not comfortable talking about their stories.

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