July 13, 2013

Afghani FlagOne family consists of a single woman who is from Afghanistan. She moved to Iran with her family at such a young age that she does not remember Afghanistan. Her family fled Afghanistan during the Russian war. She misses her family and parents very much. She has applied for them immigrate. When she was in Iran she worked for a doctor who was writing materials that people in power did not like. They put enormous pressure on the woman to reveal what she knew about the doctor and to continue to reveal knowledge about her. The female doctor fled to Turkey where she found work and brought her assistant (this woman) with her. They have each immigrated to different parts of the United States. She is currently working for a major hotel chain. Her apartment is unusually sparse because she has not been in the USA for long. She has very little furniture, decorations, or supplies. Both her computer table and her kitchen table are not functioning very well. Her computer chair gives her pain. She would love to receive dishware, a vacuum, and some chairs for a kitchen table (a smaller kitchen table would be nice as well). She would like to decorate her small single bedroom with a rug or two if possible. This woman is very gracious. She is in remarkable spirits for someone who has traveled this journey.

Iraqi FlagThe next family we will visit is originally from Iraq via Jordan. They are a relatively young married couple with a small male toddler and a new baby on the way. Their first floor, two bedroom apartment is moderate in size. The family was initially settled in Florida, but they have a family member in Phoenix so they moved here. They have a very sparse apartment with few belongings and little furniture or household goods. The parents speak very limited English. They left Iraq because the situation in Iraq was so violent that they had to flee. Although Jordan offered some safety, there were no economic opportunities. They are very happy to be living safely in the USA. They need almost everything imaginable for their home. They would like a TV and perhaps a DVD player. The toddler has no toys, and they would like a bike with training wheels for him. They also need all of the items for the expected baby.

Bhutanese FlagThe third family to whom we will deliver is originally from Bhutan, however, they spent the majority of their lives in Nepal as refugees. They recently celebrated their brother’s wedding in Arizona. The wedding in their apartment complex was a day long affair. The family is new to the United States and has been here for three months. Their second floor two bedroom apartment is moderate in size. The family consists of two young parents who have two boys. They have an active toddler and a young, elementary school aged boy. The family would like bikes for their young children. The family spent twenty years in Nepal. The living conditions in Nepal were extremely tough because refugees could only work illegally and they were forced to live in refugee camps. The educational system was better than average. Both of the children were children born in Nepal. However, the laws of Nepal do not give them citizenship. The father was English and math teacher in Nepal, and the mother was homemaker. They are fortunate because their parents only a mile away from them in Phoenix. They also have uncle who lives in their apartment complex.


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