July 21, 2012

Iraqi FlagThe first family we will visit is from Iraq. They traveled to Jordan and then to the United States. The family spent thirteen years in Jordan. All of the children were born there and retain dual citizenship. The family is from a smaller ethnic group in Iraq that is often subjugated by the majority. This family of five consists of a mother and father and three preschool aged children. In Iraq the father worked as a commercial painter.The eldest son is going to go to school in the fall. This family is very warm and welcoming.  The young girls love the coloring books they received as a gift. The family would also love to receive two adjustable bikes for their two youngest children.

Iraqi FlagThe next family we will visit is also from Iraq. They are from one of the most hostile cities in Iraq. The mother and father owned a small business where they sold tea. They left their home due to increasing danger from violence due to the war. They travelled to Turkey and then to the United States. The family spent slightly over one year in Turkey. Although they enjoyed the familiar culture in Turkey, the harsh legal restrictions made working there nearly impossible. It was impossible to support their family. This family has chosen their own apartment so they can live near several other family members in the same small complex. They have a college aged daughter who lives at home. She has physical disabilities and uses a wheel chair to get around.  In addition to household items, the parents would love to receive bicycles for transportation. The daughter would also like a stationary bike.

Iraqi FlagThe third family we will visit is also from Iraq. They faced discrimination because of their religion in Iraq. They traveled to Turkey before arriving in the United States. They are related to the second family. The families traveled together and experienced the same journey. They lived in Turkey for about 14 months. However, they had trouble finding work to support their family in Turkey. This busy couple has two young children who are a year apart. They like Phoenix and are appreciative of their new life here. In Iraq the father worked with his parents in the tea industry. Each of the parents could use a bicycle for transportation. They have a special request of a stroller for their two young children (a double would be great!).


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