July 23, 2011

Burmese FlagOur first visit was with a family originally from Burma. They consist of a family of five. Father age 39, Mother age 31, two sons ages 6 and 4, a daughter age 3. The parents was threatened and beaten in Burma. They fled by car to Thailand where they spent 7 years. All the children were born in Thailand. when asked about their flight here they smile and said it was long, however they mentioned the children really enjoyed it. Both parents are taking English classes and are happy to be in Phoenix.

Iraqi FlagOur second family of five is from Iraq. Consisting of Father age 37, mother age 21, two daughters’ ages 5 and 1, a son age 3. The son was very protective of his 1 yr old sister. She fell and he ran over and gave her a hug and kiss. This family left Iraq in 2006 due to their house being bombed while they were home. They appear to still be traumatized by this; however they were okay talking about. They fled to Syria until 2009. They were originally resettled in Massachusetts, until May of this year when they were relocated to Phoenix.

Cuban FlagOur third family of two is from Cuba, A mother age 40 and daughter age 9. The mom was very excited to see us. However she doesn’t need much. The day before a neighbor moved and gave her living room furniture. This mom won the visa lottery in Cuba which would allow her to leave, but since she is a surgeon she had to wait another seven years to actually leave. Her Husband left Cuba before her and she has no idea where he is. She is excited to be and really wants to find work quickly maybe as a surgical assistant. She is also looking forward to delivery day so she can practice her English with the delivery volunteers.

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