July 24, 2010

Iraqi FlagOur first family consist of Mother age 32, Father age 37, daughter age 11, and son age 5. They fled Iraq for religious reasons to Turkey where they lived for 1 ½ years. On their trip to the US they went to Germany, Chicago and then Phoenix. They have been here for 1month and 20 days. They are not sure if they like it here. In Iraq the Father owned a furniture showroom. There was no work in Turkey. The children were very pleasant they asked for bikes and plenty of toys and a play station. The dad will be starting Phoenix College on September.

Rwandan FlagOur second family consist of Mother age 35, Father age 42, son age 6, and 3 daughters ages 4, 9 and 12. They fled Rwanda to Congo and then to Angola. It took 1 year to walk to Angola; they lost some family member on this year journey. After a year in Angola they moved on to Zambia, where they lived for 11years. The dad worked as a farmer in Rwanda. When they learned that they were coming to the US, they were very happy because they would be safe and away from the fighting. Both parents are taking English classes.

Our third family consist of Mother age 31, Father age 32, daughter age 10 and son age 3. This is one very pleasant family that stole our hearts the day we visited. They are from the Congo, and fled to Tanzania and ended up in Malawi in a refugee camp for 2 years. The dad’s Father was the chief of a political party in Congo and he was assonated by the armed forces of the government. This dad was also shot in the leg that same day and he use a cane. The wife is expecting their third child. Both parent are taking English classes and they have an IRC intern working with them. They arrived here on May 17th. They love being here and is looking forward to finding employment. As we were leaving this visit the 3-year-old son cried and did not want us to leave, he even followed us out so the dad brought him out with us to say good bye. He loves to have his picture taken on a digital camera and as soon you snap the pictures he runs to the camera to see it. So you can take plenty pictures just be prepared to show him. This family is so happy that they can live in peace.

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