July 25, 2015

guatemala flag One of our visits this Saturday will be to a nineteen year old young man from Guatemala. He came to the United States when he was seventeen years old. He fled the violence and instability in his home country. He came to the U.S through the sponsorship of Catholic Charities just before his eighteenth birthday. Since his arrival he has been working to earn his GED and to learn to speak English well enough to attend college. He would like to be a Physician’s Assistant or a Phlebotomist. He is currently employed in a nice fast food restaurant where he studying to take the test to become an assistant manager.


Flag of Cuba.svg    We will visit a couple who are medical professional refugees from Cuba. They are engaged to be married. They have not seen their children, who remain in Cuba, for over a year. The man has a son (age 19) who loves baseball. The woman has a daughter who is sixteen years old. The family hopes to be together in Arizona within the next month or so. The couple were both nurses who worked on a Cuban contract in Jamaica for the past three years. They enjoy Christian music and salsa – they love to dance!  The gentleman is working as a medical assistant at an Urgent Care clinic in the area while his fiancé is getting the home set up and working to perfect her English. She is already quite proficient but will have more opportunities once she becomes fluent.

Flag of Cuba.svg    Our third visit will be to a twenty-five year old woman who arrived in Arizona from Cuba five months ago. She is a medical professional who trained in the field of radiology. She has been working in Venezuela. When she decided to leave Cuba, she fled to Colombia where she rented a place while her visa was being processed. She likes everything about the United States, although, she would prefer Arizona to be a little less hot in the summers! She is working in packaging in a paper plant. She hopes to get back into the medical field when she is more fluent in English.



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