July 28, 2012

Burmese FlagThe first family we will visit is a young mother from Burma and her three young children. Her father was arrested by the Burmese military and managed to escape. After his escaped he fled to a refugee camp with his family. This young woman lived in the refugee camp with her family for eleven years before coming to Phoenix. Her sister and other family members live in Phoenix and can help her with the adjustment to her new life. The children have many playmates because they have family members living in the area who visit, but they have very few toys of their own. The mother is finding adjustment to this big city to be a bit challenging. The three young children would like to receive bicycles.

Cuban FlagThe next person WTAP will visit is a young man from Cuba. He travelled to Mexico, and then to the United States. He has not been in Phoenix for a long time, and he is adjusting to life here. It was very difficult for him to leave Cuba where he owned an internet café. His internet café was was illegal in Cuba. He was severely penalized by the government for his business. He is eager to start working and could use a bicycle for transportation (he is moderate in size). His single apartment is quite small, yet he needs many things – such as cooking supplies and all of the normal household items. He has some friends in Phoenix but they do not live close to him. This gentleman has one important and unique need. He has high blood pressure and during his travels his blood pressure monitor was lost. His current medical coverage will not pay for a replacement monitor, which he needs. He would like to receive a blood pressure monitor as soon as possible.

Somali FlagThe last family we will visit had a long journey to the USA. They traveled from their native Somalia through Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Libya and Tunisia before departing for the United States.  They left Somalia because the country was ravaged by problems, and the father worked in several countries until finally landing in Tunisia. Tunisia did not support children’s education, nor were there many opportunities to work. This family of seven has children of various ages. There is a father, a mother, two college aged children, two high school aged children, and one elementary school aged child. The youngest child (a boy) would love a bike. They are in great need of dressers and other storage. The college aged daughter has taught herself to speak English by watching TV. She has a solid command of English and would love to go to college. The father is a trained welder, and is seeking employment. The mother had a special request for any type of cardiovascular exercise equipment. In their culture they traditionally have many rugs on the floor, and they would love to have some rugs to cover the tile in their new apartment.




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