July 7, 2012

Burundian FlagThe first family WTAP will deliver to this week is from Burundi. The young mother and her toddler son arrived in February. Their journey to the U.S. was a three-day ordeal that included two missed flights and a night spent in the airport with very little food or assistance. The young woman’s husband, who had been granted asylum status, was anxiously waiting to be reunited with his family here in Phoenix; he arrived two years ago. His grasp of the English language is quite good, and he recently found employment at the airport.  Soon, he will be applying for his green card and is excited about becoming a U.S. citizen. Because he was granted asylum status he did not receive agency assistance and their apartment is in need of additional furnishings to replace items borrowed from family members. They are also expecting a second child in November and the young mother can use maternity clothing (size 6/8) and items for the baby.

Bhutanese FlagThere are four members in the second family, and they are originally from Bhutan. The husband and wife are in their early 30’s and they have two children, six and eight years old. The husband stated that both he and his wife left Bhutan as young children and walked to a refugee camp in Nepal in the early 1990’s. The husband’s father had been a farmer in Bhutan.  Life in the camp was very difficult; food and necessities were rationed and basic human rights were not addressed. They tried to earn a little money by operating a sweet shop out of their home; the wife baked goods and other treats for the husband to sell. The husband stated that he had attended school through Grade 9. He speaks a little bit of English and is attending ESL classes with his wife. This family arrived in early May and is looking forward to a bright future. The husband is very anxious to find employment and any job opportunity will be appreciated.


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