July 7, 2013

Iraqi FlagThe first family we will visit is from Iraq. This family has been in the United States for two weeks. They came from Syria where they had spent nine years before their journey to the United States. The family did not spend any time in a refugee camps. However, they were treated badly and faced discrimination in Syria. In Iraq the mother was a homemaker who still loves to take care of her family. The son is twenty six years old. He worked odd jobs in Iraq, where he was forced to quit school in the seventh grade. The father was the Minister of Health for thirty years in Iraq but he feared for the family’s safety. When they fled Iraq they left a house full of their life’s possessions and two cars. The family left the mother and father’s parents in Iraq. They have family members who live Arizona. The mother’s sister and nephew live in Phoenix. Their relatives have been in Phoenix two years. This family is very happy to be in the United States. They are ready to start a new life and are grateful for their safety and freedom.

Iraqi FlagThe second family we will visit this week is a family of three from Iraq. This family consists of a mother, father and their nineteen year old daughter. The family arrived in the United States from Jordan just two weeks ago. The parents have another daughter who lives in Holland who was recently married. The mother has a brother who has lived in Arizona for four years. The family left Iraq because they feared for their safety. They moved from Iraq to Jordan and spent several years in Jordan. The mother graduated from college and was an official interpreter in Iraq. The father owned an electronics repair shop in Iraq. The nineteen year old daughter was a college student who studied finance. They were an average middle class family who left some family and many friends behind in Iraq. The mother speaks English. The family loves being in the United States and they are eager to start their new life here.

Iraqi FlagAnother person we will visit is a married twenty eight year old man from Iraq. He left Iraq and moved to Jordan four years ago. He met and married his wife in Jordan less than seven months ago. This gentleman is extremely homesick and he is ready to go back to Jordan to reunite with his wife. He has only been in the United States for ten days. He has no family here. Living in Phoenix is so new to him that he is not sure whether he likes living here yet. He still has family in Iraq and Jordan. He worked as a laborer in Iraq and in Jordan. He is sad that he is in Phoenix by himself. He is looking forward to assistance from WTAP.



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