June 1, 2013

We will be delivering items to three families on June 1st. However, this week we have information to share on only one of the families.

Burmese FlagOne family we will to whom we will deliver furniture and household items is a family of five. They have two school-aged children and one daughter who is college aged. The parents are originally from Burma. Although the parents knew each other in Burma for a long time, they spent much of their lives in Thailand (seventeen years). The family faced harsh work and school conditions in a refugee camp in Thailand. However, the children were educated to some degree in the refugee camp. The family also faced discrimination in the camp. The father was able to find limited work in Thailand.  The father has problems with his leg, and he would benefit from a cane. The two youngest children are already attending school in Arizona. The children want to thrive in school and are in desperate need of:  two backpacks, a medium to small study desk, clothes and shoes. The younger two children could each use a bike. They are small in stature and would benefit from bikes sized for a first and third grader. The two young children do not have toys. The parents would like a TV to help the children learn English. The eldest daughter has found work already. They all enjoy Phoenix and are fortunate to have some family members who live here. The parents are extremely appreciative of the assistance and services offered by WTAP.


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