June 15, 2011

Bhutanese FlagThe first family we visited was from Bhutan and fled to a camp in Nepal and has been in the United States for approximately 6 weeks. There are 4 residents in this modest/to small second floor apartment. Father (45 years old), Mother (40), daughter (16) and son (14), both children were away studying English in summer school. Their flight to the US was their first air travel and they travelled via Katmandu, Deli, Hong Kong, and then Los Angeles before arriving in Phoenix. They spent 17 years as refugees and both children were born in the refugee camps. Husband was a mechanic prior to arrival and wife was a volunteer aid. They like Phoenix and are excited to learn the system.

Burmese FlagThe second family from Burma consisted of a (37 years old) husband, wife (33), daughter (15), son (6), daughter (3), and daughter (one month). Children were extremely friendly and happy and enjoy playing with their neighbors. Their second story apartment is of modest to smaller size. The apartment rooms are barren and have nearly no furniture or beds. Both son and daughter love biking and would like workable bikes. Mother was shot in the leg and walks with a limp, she later revealed a large gaping wound and scar on her upper leg. Family spent 8 years in Thailand before arriving, and was restricted in freedom and ability to work in Thailand. Family has been in the US for nearly a year but had to throw out their beds after realizing they had potential to make family ill. They realized this after an apartment move. Daughter (15) translated for us, and although she has been in US a limited time her English is coming along. Both daughter and son would like workable bikes as theirs are broken.

Eritrean FlagThe last family we visited consisted of Mother (32 years old), son (11) and daughter (2). The family is from Eritrea and has friends within the complex. Mother’s boyfriend, who also is from Eritrea translated for us. This smaller apartment is very barren and family is in need. Young daughter was outgoing and family has request for toys and play items for daughter (2), and son (11). The family enjoys Phoenix and boyfriend has work in area. Family has been in US for nearly a year, but enjoys the weather that is similar to home country but drier. Mother, our client, was hesitant to reveal personal information, and perhaps not wanting to reveal history in mixed company.

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