June 15, 2013

Iraqi FlagThe first family we will see is a young Iraqi family who arrived recently from Baghdad. The husband has been trained as a systems engineer and he worked as a contractor to the US Army. He had a second job as an interpreter. He received many commendations for his work. The mother is a trained pediatrician. Over time she began to work as a surgeon due to the many wounded of all ages among the population. The family arrived in Arizona at the end of January. The mother is already studying to qualify to practice general medicine in the US. They have an adorable one year old daughter. The husband has a brother who is already settled here. the brother survived a kidnapping in Iraq and is settled in Arizona. The brother went back to Iraq to help their mother who is ill and is not safe in Iraq. The grandmother is being processed to immigrate to the US, and there is hope that the family will be reunited in Arizona soon.

Iraqi FlagThe next family we will visit came to Phoenix in March. They are also from Iraq. The father worked as a day laborer in Iraq. He looks forward to getting any available work in Arizona. This family consists of the father, mother, a six year old daughter and a four year old son. The little girl is already in school. The little boy is currently on a waiting list for a Head Start program.  They worry that their family members who remain are Iraq is not safe.

Iraqi FlagThe final family we will visit this week is also from Iraq. They arrived in Phoenix just over a month ago. They had long flights to their new home via New York and Texas. They have two sweet daughters who are six and three years old. The father worked in a security position for a non-governmental organization in Iraq. He is eager to find a job in Arizona so he can take care of his family. This family also has relatives who remain in Iraq and are not safe. The father’s brother and parents are being processed now so they can join the family in the United States.


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