June 16, 2012

Iraqi FlagThe first family we will visit comes from Iraq. There is a father, aged 29 and a mother, aged 22. They have a 3 year old son and a 4 year old daughter. The family’s lives were threatened because father worked with the American soldiers in Iraq. They left Iraq and came to Phoenix by way of Jordan. The Father has a brother and three sisters who are still living in Iraq whom he hopes will one day join them in Phoenix. The father was employed as a communications engineer in Iraq. He states that he can fix anything electrical.  He can repair computers and cell phones. He is very excited about finding work in Arizona. The father also speaks English very well. His wife speaks Arabic, but she is excited to take English classes. This family is very enthusiastic about having a Welcome to America visit.

Iraqi FlagThe next family is also from Iraq. There is a 64 year-old father who has a 7 year old son. This gentleman lost his wife and 3 adult daughters who were killed by a car bomb. This father is excited to be living in the United States. He has become friends with their next door neighbor. Welcome to America has also visited his neighbor, who will be interpreting for WTAP on deliveries. This family could use a TV and a bike for the young boy. The child is bored in the apartment, and would love to have a bike to explore the area and meet more friends.

Iraqi FlagThe third family we will visit is also from Iraq. In this family there is a father who is 39, and a mother who is 35. They have five children: three daughters who are 19, 11 and 7, and two sons who are 8 and 3. Their lives were threatened in Iraq so they fled to Jordan in 2010. Life was difficult in Jordan because they were not allowed to work, although they received some help from the United Nations. The family arrived in Phoenix on April the 9th of this year. They are adjusting well to their new life in Arizona. The father would love a fishing pole, in addition to items to make the household more comfortable for his family.





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